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Mallorca Paddle Surf - Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons and trips in Mallorca

Stand Up Paddle Surf in Mallorca !

Mallorca Adventure Sports offers Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons and trips on Mallorca.

Stand Up Paddle Surf Mallorca
Try out the latest craze in surfing and join our team of accredited Stand Up Paddle Surf instructors for a day of lessons as you learn to make use of these broad boards and paddles to ride even the smallest of waves or choose to go out on an early morning Paddle Surf trip around the coastline on the flat shoreside waters.

Mallorca Paddle Surf trips

Using large broad boards and a paddle you can experience this increasingly popular fashion of exploring the coastline or surfing even the smallest of waves. Preferred by many as a way to tour around beaches or reach remote little islands because of it's simplicity, Stand Up Paddle Surf is gaining adepts at an ever faster rate.

Paddle Surf Mallorca

Although the Paddle Surf trips are preferrably held during calm weather or only in the morning during the Summer Months as to avoid waves or imbalance when getting near rocky beaches, you can also choose to take some lessons and use your skills to ride down waves during stormy weather any time of the day!

Mallorca Paddle Surf

Available at different locations, you can choose to have your Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons or trips all around Mallorca, go on Sunset Trips or even Nighttime Paddle Surf excursions.

Mallorca Stand Up Paddle Surf

Stand Up Paddle Surf trips around the coastline with a duration of 3 hours are available at 45 EUR per person. During these trips you will tour the coastline of Mallorca's rocky beaches and depending on the location visit a sea cave as well, making stops to swim and jump off of cliffs if you feel especially adventurous.

Mallorca Paddle Surf

You can have a look at the different locations available for Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons or trips in the map below:

Stand Up Paddle Surf Mallorca

Mallorca Paddle Surf

Click here for more pictures of our Stand Up Paddle Surf tours in Mallorca.

E-mail for more information and to book your Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons and trips in Mallorca today!

Mallorca Stand Up Paddle Surf

Mallorca Adventure Sports

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