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Horse riiding trips in Mallorca - Horse riding on the beach in Mallorca

Horse riding trips in Mallorca!

Mallorca Adventure Sports offers horseback riding lessons and activities . Mount up and ride in the midst of beautiful landscapes. No other transportation method is more adequate to cross Mallorca's rugged terrain and enjoy the scenery!

Mallorca Horse riding

We offer horse riding trips in the forests of Mallorca or on it's beaches, at different times of the day.  Enjoy the beautiful landscape Mallorca has to offer while mounting these magnificent animals during one of our horse riding trips.

Mallorca Horse Riding trips

We currently offer horse riding lessons and horse riding trips in the following locations:

Horse riding trips on the beach:

horse riding trips can picafort Ca'n Picafort
1 hour trips through the forest
25 EUR p.p.

3 hour trips on the beach
50 EUR p.p.

The one hour trips take you through a forest road towards the beach, while the 3 hour trips continue alongside the shore towards a bar near the beach where you can have something to drink before returning to the ranch.

Mallorca horse riding trips

These 3 hour trips are available at 10:00h in the morning or 16:00h in the afternoon. During the Summer the afternoon trips start at 17:00h.

Horse riding trips mallorca

The more exprienced riders can gallop on long stretches of white sandy beaches, and even beginners can have their first try, or stay behind to practice how to trot. You can even take the horses into the water!

Mallorca horse riding trips Horse riding trips mallorca

Take a look at a video of  our horse riding trips on the beach in Mallorca. The views are amazing and definately the place to visit if you love riding horses:

Click here for more pictures of our horse riding trips in Mallorca.

Horse riding trips Mallorca

Horse riding through the valley with Andalusian Pure Breds:

Horse riding trips Mallorca
4 hour activity with forest trip
120 EUR p.p.

The center in Randa offers free transfer from anywhere on the island and has 4 hour activitites at 120 EUR per person, taking you for a horse riding trip in the valley of Randa.

Horse riding trips mallorca

The activity starts off with a brief introduction to Andalusian and Hispano horses with a short riding lesson after which you go on a 2h30min trip through the vally of Randa, visiting a small church on the way.

Horse riding trips Mallorca

Refreshments are offered upon returning to the ranch, as well as a picture gallery and video of the trip. The center in Randa also offers free pickup from any point of the island, for a minimum of 2 people.

horse riding trips mallorca

Contact for further information regarding your horse riding trip in Mallorca and we will make sure you find what you are looking for.

Mallorca Adventure Sports

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